Sunday, 23 August 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The sixth instalment of every kids (and most adults) favourite series of films starring the richest wizard in the world. Can this latest offering still offer new things for children and parents to enjoy at the cinema? In a word, yes.

This film follows Harry (who would have guessed?) and his friends as they return to Hogwarts on the quest to be normal everyday wizards. However, with the return of Voldemort more and more people are seeking Harry to be the one that can save them all. Also as Harry finds a book mysteriously owned by the ‘Half-blood prince’, Harry becomes more intrigued and eventually finds the answers he seeks. Also we follow Draco Malfoy as his involvement in the series becomes its most important so far as we try and discover what task he has been set to do by Lord Voldemort.

Fans of the series so far (books or films) will see no problems with this film. It has all the popular elements of the series so far such as great special effects, exciting set pieces, intriguing storylines and witty one-liners. In this film it is particularly the character of Ron that provides the most laughs as his gets involved with girls for the first time and ends up under the spell of a love potion.

For the people who haven’t read the books but just watch the films I wont ruin the ending but lets say it is very unexpected and leaves for an intriguing final part , which is due to be released as two separate films to cash in while they still can presumably.

I did enjoy this film even though I did have low expectations for this film after the last one which I thought was the worst of the series so far but this film more than makes up for it and is easily in the top three of the series.

Rating – 7.9/10

Final Thoughts – Although it is the same format as usual, it is still another slice of great family fun from the undisputed king of the kids films, bring on the next one!

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