Saturday, 22 August 2009


Hello all! This is my first ever blog and I am very excited to be starting one. My blog will be about film reviews, reviewing lots of the new films that are released in 2009. Hopefully you guys will enjoy these reviews and find my opinions on the films helpful to you and enjoy reading them. Since this is my first ever blog I think I should introduce myself. My name is Matt (that how I got Matt's Film Reviews , clever huh?) and I am from England. I am currently a university student in my 2nd year studying Film and TV Studies, hence the interest in films. I have studied film now for 5 years and would love to have a career somewhere in the great film world once I leave University. I might add more about myself at a later date but this blog isn't about me, its about FILMS!!! I will start adding reviews to this blog from this moment with some of the new films I have seen this year that have been released in the cinema or on DVD. Since this is the start I have many films I have seen this year and therefore will add many films very quickly. Once I have reviewed all the films I have seen this year I will add at least 1 new review per week. Anyway guys I hope your enjoy my reviews and I would love to hear from you and hear any positive or negative (please not too much!) feedback on the blog. Also any requests for new films to review would be great. Until next time...

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